Essays on Brand Messaging, Strategy, and Tech

While the site’s homepage is a amalgam of essays, notes, and dictionary definitions, here you can find (and search) just essays, including essays I have published elsewhere. 

Examples of Intelligence
Villain Strategy (Rowan's Substack)
There’s never just one (Rowan's Substack)
Messaging is an inside game too (Rowan's Substack)
Garbage-in, Garbage-out (Rowan's Substack)
Editor-in-Chief as a Service (Rowan's Substack)
The Anatomy of Humbug (Rowan's Substack)
The Rule of Three in Brand Messaging and Talking Points (Rowan's Substack)
Exploding Star
A Teardown of Teardowns
Asking the Right Questions
Talking to Black Swans
Words of War
Personality Shift
Going to Market
The Transition
The Innovation Meeting
Difference of Opinion
Business Lexicon
A Show of Our Own
TPM Redefinitions
The Truth and the Lie
Experiential Learning
Wisdom vs Certainty
The Art of Copying
The One Book Rule
What Do You Do?
Hero’s Dilemma
Death and Opportunity
The Fox and The Lion
Making Your Framework
Copywriting vs Messaging
What Is Value?
Retargeting PSA
The 10 Problems With Big Nonprofits (
Own Your Words
Addendum to Business Model Buyers (
Business Model Buyers
The Professional (
Red Button Your Business
Stop Talking Trash
Slow Selling
11 Negative Questions
A Doctrine for 21st Century Workers, v1 (
Missed Opportunity (
When Advice Is The Product
Celebrities vs You
2021 Flannery Cohort?
2020 vs 2021
How / Why to Use Book Summary Services (YouTube)
On Book Summary Services (
The Right Word
Stupid Enough
Social Proof vs Authenticity
Business Genres
The Detail Test
Mass vs Niche Market
How Scarcity Works
Gut-Punch Messaging
How to Use Business Books
The Creative Business Model
How to Use Buzzwords
Lipsticking the Pig
Assessments vs Quizzes
Find Pygmalions
Why a Second Opinion?
More on Theorists (
The Problem With Theories
What is School? (
How to Prove a Solution
How to Listen to Amateurs
Flow State vs Passion
How to Avoid Negotiating Price
Just-right Pricing
True Partnerships
Your Past, Present, and Future
Discipline and Virtuous Cycles
How to Create Messaging
Direct vs Non-Direct Marketing
Customer Success
Watch Your Tone
Conversion vs Churn
The Best CRM for You
How to Infotain
Templatizing Expertise
Cheetos or Cheetahs?
Redesign State of Mind
Returns & Raving Fans
How to Give Advice
Interaction Paradigms
Change Business
Found in Translation
How to Tell Secrets
Evading Repulsiveness
A Surprising Detail
How to Write a How-to
Monster Emoji
Warm Advertising
Ways to Win
A Belief System
Half-time show
Getting Started
How to Choose
Idea Waves
Breakable Ideas
Saturn vs Mars
Fake Door Testing
Emotional effort
This Is Marketing
Playing With Fire 🔥
How to Name a Brand
Prospecting Faces
Comfortable vs Safe
Your Digital Self
Independent Renaissance
How to Get Clarity
Fatalism vs Pronoia
Is Silly Marketing Bad?
Jedi Ideation Trick
Shared Kitchens
Cringing from home
True Laughs
Digital Business
How to Listen
How to Apply Effort
Groups vs Experts
You-Focused Copywriting?
How to write About page copy
Psychographic Positioning
Why us?
What’s Your Dictionary?
What if you live to 150?
The entertaining teacher
Baby Dolphin
Expertise-based Marketing
Read the Manual
Long term Happy New Years
The Positioning Decision
The fallacy of analytics
Write a letter
The big problem
Lead pool ideation
Name the problem
Idea board
You’re the CMO Now
A Little Idea
1000 Little Ideas
Pricing Value with Ideation
Making the Complex Simple
Ideating the Perfect Slogan
Group Think (
What is ideation?
Choosing What To Think About
Designing a Mastermind Group
Training and Software
Can you “write” SEO?
Upside Down Homepage UX
Introducing yourself
Art Marketing
Business at first sight
Business Philosophy
Writing about your work
How To Get New Ideas