The Growth Marketing Program

Where are you headed over the next three years? To head towards 20% year-over-year growth, consider the Growth Marketing Program. Enroll now for $9,500

This program is designed for B2B tech firms, from consultancies to SaaS entrepreneurs and somewhere in between. 

It lasts for 3 months and costs $9,500.

The overall goal is to help you design, build, and improve a highly customized sales and marketing program that moves you towards 20% revenue growth year-over-year for the next three years.

What It Does

It approaches this in five ways:

  1. Transforms your business into one based on expertise – or helps you finish that journey
  2. Productizes your expertise – then sells those products online (or improves your ability to do so)
  3. Implements an ongoing outbound lead generation strategy to “prime the pump” of your growth
  4. Designs a long-term inbound lead generation strategy based on generous, high-quality content marketing
  5. Helps you identify internal or external resources to “take the reins” of this program and continue it after our engagement ends; training included

The specific financial goal of this program is to accelerate your growth by 20% annually over a three-year period.

There are other benefits that are harder to measure (learning marketing, improved job satisfaction for your team members, etc).

How It Works

This is a done-with-you engagement that requires a substantial time commitment on your part, usually 4 hours per week. That also means you get not just strategy and advice, but lead-by-example UX, copywriting, and creative implementation. This is typically a one to three-month engagement, you get wireframes, documents, and slides with UX guidance, copywriting, brand messaging, and strategy. 

If that math makes sense for you, please book a quick intro call to discuss

Ready to get started? Enroll now for $9,500


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