Are you sick of web redesign projects lasting forever? Get the hardest part done in two days – strategic messaging, UX, and copy for your B2B tech firm’s website. Reserve now for $5,000.

You’re a SaaS/tech firm, consultancy, or digital agency looking to grow your revenue. How? By transforming from undifferentiated to unique, inspiring and almost awe-inspiring; the awe is what your customers experience when they realize how well suited you are to solving their problems.

Just from reading your website.

This is often a long-term transition but this package jumpstarts it. You come with ideas, goals, and momentum – we capitalize on all that by working fast. 

We also work smart, though. By focusing on positioning, your value proposition, and your entire business model. The challenge is taking those foundations and transforming them into awesome web copy.

Does your website make your customers agonize over not hiring you? After this messaging makeover, it will.

If you’re ready to get started, buy now

How It Works

  • Overview: one-day, all-day workshop, delivered remotely via live web conference in which we collaboratively solidify your positioning and co-author your key brand messaging. What it’s not: copywriting. This isn’t writing your website copy, your bio, your pitch deck, etc. However, it does give you the framework messaging you need to make all of those things happen. 
    * note: the engagement spans more than one day, because I spend an evening preparing for our workday, plus I follow up one month later
  • Preparation. You’ll take a few hours to prepare a detailed strategy and growth marketing brief before we meet. I’ll review it, research it, reflect on it, and sleep on it before we meet.
  • Positioning ideation. We’ll meet for an all-morning session, where we focus on positioning. Lunch break.
  • Brand messaging. We’ll reconvene for the afternoon session where we translate your positioning into brand messaging on your tagline, your marketing collateral, and in other areas. We’ll create a headline message for each of the key pages on your website.
  • Storytelling: As we go through this exercise, we’ll create your story as a business and identify the key bullet points for each founding member or leader within your organization.
  • Follow-up. You’ll come away with recordings and transcripts of the entire workshop, divided into four sessions.
  • Accountability & Strategy Check-in. One month later, you’ll receive a complimentary Growth Strategy Session to make sure you’re leveraging your positioning and messaging makeover as a growth strategy

We’ll smash analysis paralysis and accomplish in two days what often takes months to get done.

Purchase for $5,000

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