Updated Nov 9 2019

What I’m doing now 

I’m open to…

As you can see, I’m busy as heck. But I am open to the following:

  • Speaking/presenting on revenue-focused ideation at product camps, meetups, and conferences
  • Being a guest on your podcast
  • Coaching and training on revenue-focused ideation
  • Giving pro bono advice to nonprofits (esp. prisoner’s rights, women’s rights, and nation-building)

Drop me a line at, thank you

I must say no to…

  • Free business advice or pro-bono services
  • Full-time assistance with anything
  • Writing content for your publication
  • Partnership opportunities

I’m also

  • Learning German and Portuguese
  • Following the Portland Trail Blazers
  • Playing the Tenor Guitar.. a little
  • Suffering from reading-list angst



*This page is based upon Derek Sivers’ /now page – what does your now look like?