Create an idea-driven marketing and BizDev program that taps your expertise and gets you better clients

Growth Marketing Program
A marketing and business development consulting package that gives you a long-term growth marketing program – $9,500

This service is available to digital health and other B2B tech firms. It represents a sincere commitment on my part – time, energy, focus, etc., to your business growth. The specific goal here is to help you design, build, and improve a highly customized sales and marketing program that does five things:

  1. Transforms your business into one based on expertise – or helps you finish that journey
  2. Productizes your expertise – then sells those products online (or improves your ability to do so)
  3. Implements an ongoing outbound lead generation strategy to “prime the pump” of your growth
  4. Designs a long-term inbound lead generation strategy based on generous, high-quality content marketing
  5. Helps you identify an internal or external resources to “take the reins” of this program and continue it after our engagement ends; training included

The specific financial goal of this program is to accelerate your growth by 20% annually over a three-year period.

There are other benefits that are harder to measure (learning marketing, improved job satisfaction for your team members, etc).

This is a done-with-you engagement that requires a substantial time commitment on your part, usually 4 hours per week. That also means you get not just strategy and advice, but lead-by-example UX, copywriting, and creative implementation. This is typically a one to three-month engagement, you get wireframes, documents, and slides with UX guidance, copywriting, brand messaging, and strategy. 

If that math makes sense for you, please book a quick intro call to discuss

Also, consider the consulting and coaching products described below

Lightning Positioning and & Messaging Workshop
Market positioning and brand messaging makeover for your website and digital presence – in two days – $4,500

You’re a technical consultancy or digital agency looking to grow your revenue. How? By transforming from implementation to advisory services and selling your expertise and ideas, not just your labor.

This is a long-term transition but it has to start with getting your positioning right in the form of living web copy.

Positioning without skillful messaging won’t make a difference. How skillful – enough not just to spur action but to spur deeper thinking about the value you bring to the table. Does your website make your customers think?

Here’s what the workshop logistics look like:

  • Overview: two-session, all-day workshop, delivered remotely via live web conference in which we collaboratively solidify your positioning and co-author your messaging.
  • Preparation. You’ll take a few hours to prepare a detailed strategy and growth marketing brief before we meet. I’ll review it, research it, reflect on it, and sleep on it before we meet.
  • Positioning ideation. We’ll meet for an all-morning session, where we focus on positioning. Lunch break.
  • Brand messaging. We’ll reconvene for the afternoon session where we translate your positioning into brand messaging on your tagline, your marketing collateral, and in other areas.
  • UX and copy. We’ll sketch out the over-arching UX design and use our brand messaging ideas to bring a rough draft copy to the important parts of your site. This is your starting point for bringing a new web presence to life.
  • Follow-up. You’ll come away with recordings and transcripts of the entire workshop, divided into four sessions.
  • Accountability & Strategy Check-in. One month later, you’ll receive a complimentary Growth Strategy Session to make sure you’re leveraging your positioning and messaging makeover as a growth strategy

We’ll smash analysis paralysis – we’ll accomplish in two days what often takes months to get done.

Can’t block out two days? We can also pack the exact same process into two weeks – this gives you more flexibility and more opportunity to provide feedback. Cost: $6,000.

Chat with me about the messaging makeover workshop

Marketing and sales coaching, copyediting, hiring, and growth strategy oversight for digital firms – $900/mo – $1,700/mo – $3,500/mo

Considered (or tried) hiring a CMO?

This monthly subscription plan lets owners of tech entrepreneurs benefit from the experience and strategic thinking of a tech-focused CMO without making the disruptive and expensive $200,000+ commitment of hiring one. It also helps expert consultants and solopreuneurs make the leap from implementation to advisory services.

The goal of this monthly subscription program, which usually spans 3 to 6 months, is to help you design and iteratively refine a long-term sales and marketing program that incorporates both inbound and outbound marketing.

This package comes in three sizes which are described in detail on the purchase page.

Read more or purchase the Tech-CMO-as-a-Service package

The Digital Marketing Audit
A complete diagnosis of the pillars of your digital marketing infrastructure – $850

The digital marketing audit takes places over two days and evaluates:

  • Your company positioning
  • The positioning of your products and services
  • the thought leadership quotient of your company
  • your brand score on Google search results
  • your content marketing strategy
  • your outbound marketing

What’s missing here is SEO – this is not an SEO audit. I can recommend a partner firm that will conduct one for you, but apart from evaluating your brand score on Google search results, there is little SEO in this audit.

To get at this information, I’ll have you fill out questionnaires and conduct a quick interview.

You will receive a simple 1-3 page report with findings and recommendations, which I will present to you over a 1-hour zoom call.

To request an audit, please schedule a quick 15-minute meeting so I can make sure the audit is right for you

Online Business Growth Workshop
An in-depth strategy session to diagnose and proscribe growth strategy; coupled with periodic accountability check-ins – $350

The diagnostic, consultative workshop takes place over a Zoom conference call, following an analysis of your digital presence and any other materials pertinent to your sales and marketing.

There’s no minimum or maximum time for this call to last (I will set aside two hours in case we need it, but most calls last between one and two hours). A recording and transcript of the session will be provided.

The session will be accompanied by next-day follow-up recommendations that prioritize the next 2 to 5 steps you should take to grow your business.

You also get a detailed “accountability” follow-up email, one month after we meet, to ask about your progress on the specific steps. If you respond to my follow-up emails in detail, I will respond in equal detail with careful thinking about what’s best for you. You are free to follow up via my personal, private Slack channel as well by email. I’ll do a final check-in 6 months after we meet.

If you have a tech, creative, or health-related business and need insight on how to get better clients and grow your business, this workshop will be an excellent investment.

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Reply Right Now – $20 $0

How to Reply to Any Business Email from Anyone—In this 1-page guide you’ll learn:

  • How to write a reply email to anyone – with confidence
  • How to write a reply email to someone from another cultural or linguistic background
  • A trick for responding to emails quickly
  • and more…

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A collection of my most effective articles, emails, and podcasts. Topics include how to price your product, how to expand your product into a multi-product platform, how to unify product messaging with the messaging in your marketing, how to blend services and software into solutions, how to unify product messaging and marketing messaging, and many more technology and marketing ideas.

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