If your Digital Health tech firm is at a growth impasse, consider the following marketing and business development consulting services

Preamble: I’m a marketing consultant for digital health and other tech firms with deep technology and entrepreneurial experience – I’ve sold tens of millions of dollars of innovation-based digital products and services.

Ideas make marketing services valuable. That sounds obvious, but most marketing has almost zero good ideas. The same is true of business development. I set myself apart with a focus on ideation for all kinds of revenue-based activities. That’s a part of all services listed below.

CMO-as-a-Service Growth Consulting for Tech Firms – $600 to $2,800/month

Considered (or tried) hiring a CMO?

This offering lets owners of tech consultancies and/or software firms benefit from the experience and strategic thinking of a technology-focused CMO without making the disruptive and expensive $200,000+ commitment of hiring one.

The goal of this program is to design and implement a sustainable sales and marketing program that reflects your products and solutions roadmap.

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Marketing Ideation Workshop for Product and Marketing Groups – $1,700

Does the messaging in your solution – your product, your analysis, the UI’s you produce – match the messaging in your marketing? Will it inspire your particular type of customer to take positive action? And do you have a structured system to consistently upgrade your product growth strategy?

If the answers are no, or not enough, one way to solve this problem is through marketing ideation.

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Revenue Growth Strategy Session – $350

The diagnostic session takes place over Skype or Zoom, following an analysis of your digital presence and any other materials pertinent to your sales and marketing.

There’s no minimum or maximum time for this call to last (I will set aside two hours in case we need it, but most calls last a little more than an hour).

The session will be accompanied by a follow-up communication prioritizing the next 2 to 5 steps you should take to improve your revenue, as well as a “accountability” follow-up asking about your progress by email 2-months after we meet.

If you have a tech or software business and need insight on solution design/positioning, marketing, and business development, this session will be an excellent investment.

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Cross the Channel – $70

How to Create a Channel Partner Marketing Strategy—In this 41-page handbook for B2B software companies, you’ll learn how to build a channel partner marketing strategy from scratch:

  • Who to target for partnerships and how to build a target list
  • How to reach out to your target list 
  • How to build long-term relationships with prospective channel partners
  • How to negotiate an agreement that benefits both parties
  • How to build reseller arrangements, not just referral partners
  • And more…

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How To Webcasts – $30

Reply Right Now – $10

How to Reply to Any Business Email from Anyone—In this 1-page guide you’ll learn:

  • How to write a reply email to anyone – with confidence
  • How to write a reply email to someone from another cultural or linguistic background
  • A trick for responding to emails quickly
  • and more…

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A collection of my most effective articles, emails, and podcasts. Topics include how to price your product, how to expand your product into a multi-product platform, how to unify product messaging with the messaging in your marketing, how to blend services and software into solutions, how to unify product messaging and marketing messaging, and many more technology and marketing ideas.

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