My privacy policy is to honor your basic human right to privacy

My site, blog, and newsletter observe the spirit and letter of GDPR laws. 

I will never sell, share, or disclose any private or personal information, no matter how I come by it.

Web Analytics

I do not use analytics software like Google Analytics. I do not track or store your IP address. I don’t know anything about you personally unless you volunteer it into a web form.

I use WordPress to run this site, which is hosted on Neither stores personally-identifying information about you. However, WordPress tracks (anonymized) IP to prevent automated abuse from spammers or hackers.

Both WordPress and Pantheon are GDPR compliant products.


I do not use WordPress comments or any other commenting tool.

I use Calendly to allow you to schedule meetings or consultation. If you enter your name and email address into my meeting scheduling tool, for example, it will never be shared with any 3rd party, let alone a spammer. Calendly is a GDPR compliant product.


This site uses MailChimp and WordPress to process your email subscriptions. 

MailChimp is a GDPR compliant product and is configured NOT to track:

  • your IP address
  • whether you open an email
  • whether you click a link within an email

1-click unsubscribe to all mailings. If you unsubscribe to any of my email products, I delete all of your information permanently.


I sells products on this site using Stripe (a payment processor) and WordPress. During this process, WordPress records none of your personal information. Stripe, however, does record financial information for its records. Stripe is GDPR compliant.

What do I track?

Whether you book a meeting or purchase a product.

That’s it.