Second Opinion

A publication for free-thinking experts who sell advice

The Second Opinion newsletter is for indie consultants and entrepreneurs who sell expertise in either services or product form. How do you convey your expertise, ambitions, and the value of your solutions? How do you integrate beliefs about work with beliefs about life? 

One approach I explore is becoming an “owner/definer” of words, terms, phrases that are important to whatever you undertake. Related areas I write about include messaging, positioning, business model design, content marketing, expertise cultivation, and creative problem-solving.

All of which strengthen an independent expertise business.. join me!


Curious about what these emails are like? See the more polished version on the blog archive.

Frequently asked question: are the newsletters and blog posts identical?

Thematically, yes. But the newsletters are written frequently (2-4 times a week) and published on the same day – so they are a little rougher and less polished than the blog posts, which undergo another round of editing.