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A publication for the free-thinking and independently employed

The Second Opinion newsletter is for creative and technical entrepreneurs who lead small teams of experts. How do you convey your expertise, ambitions, and the value of your solutions?

I work on answers to these questions that don’t involve inbox spam, social spam, search spam, over-costly ad budgets – and don’t even get me started on fake thought leadership or influencer BS. Common terms to describe the kind of work I do business model design, content marketing, expertise-development, and creative problem-solving. Interested.. join me!


Curious about what these emails are like? See the more polished version on the blog archive.

The Art of Ideation Blog

Frequently asked question: are the newsletters and blog posts identical? Thematically, yes.

The newsletters are written near-daily (3-4 times a week) and published on the same day – so they are a little rougher and less polished than the blog posts, which undergo another round of editing.

The newsletters are also a little different in that they sometimes contain links to tools, templates, and other resources that are sometimes removed from the blog posts.

For an idea of what the newsletters are like, view the blog archive.


60 Glorious Seconds podcast

This “podcast” if you can call it that, consists of me voicing an idea or memory that somehow connects to my work. If often read from and riff off of a portion of my newsletter.

The Art of Ideation podcast

This podcast was closely tied to the Art of Ideation newsletter. Each episode riffs of an article I have written but is more extemporaneous. By the way, it only consisted of two episodes. Enjoy!

Season 1: Solo Reflections on Marketing Creativity, Expertise, and Strategy

Season 1 was to consist of 10 episodes based on points-of-view I have cultivated and written about in recent years. 

Episode 1: Why You Need an Ideation Practice
May 12th, 2020

Episode 2: How to Evaluate Any Strategy
May 19th, 2020

Episode 3: The Five Star Strategy
May 26th, 2020

[Update – I am pausing this podcast until I complete Seth’s Godin’s Podcast Workshop. I may resume it in November. Or I may retire it permanently. It sits behind another, more important podcasting project. Basically, this is a ‘coming soon”/ undecided page ]

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