Second Opinion

A publication for entrepreneurs who sell expertise & products

The Second Opinion newsletter is for consultants, content creators, and entrepreneurs. I publish about once a week (sometimes more). My goal is to provoke ideas about messaging, positioning, branding, and related subjects.

The theme I focus on most, though, is how to become the owner of an idea that’s important to your business or other pursuit. As a result, I write a lot about creating business definitions and creating your own business dictionary.

Hope you enjoy (:


Curious about what these emails are like? A few recent posts:

Talking to Black Swans

The key to business is learning what people want and how to give it to them without making them admit they want it

Words of War

We don’t have the luxury of lazy thinking, lazy messaging, or accidental propaganda

Personality Shift

Messaging alters the listener’s personality with an express purpose

Micro-Dictionaries and Self-Categorization

Successful undertakings have one thing in common: micro-dictionaries. Self-categorize your business by creating a micro-dictionary

The Definitions of Positioning

To understand messaging, you have to understand positioning. To understand positioning, or any term, you have to define it by how it’s used