Second Opinion

A publication for ENTREPRENEURS who sell EXPERTISE & products

The Second Opinion newsletter is for consultants, content creators, and entrepreneurs. I publish 1 to 3 times a week. My goal is to provoke ideas about messaging, positioning, branding, and related subjects such as word/idea-ownership.

Hope you enjoy (:


Curious about what these emails are like? A few recent posts:

The Definitions of Positioning

To understand messaging, you have to understand positioning. To understand positioning, or any term, you have to define it by how it’s used

Going to Market

Go-to-Market Strategy is a misnomer. GTM is more an advanced form or project leadership than a form of strategic consulting

The Transition

The most important benefit of transitioning from freelancing to consulting is finding meaning in what you do

The Innovation Meeting

To make ideation meetings work, define your core terms as a group