Ideation in Marketing and BizDev

The Art of Ideation newsletter is for disruptive, creative B2B health/tech firms. Its purpose is to feed your ideas for how to improve your positioning, your brand messaging, and your marketing strategies – and help you design more value into your solutions. 


Curious about what these emails are like? See the more polished version on the blog archive.

The Art of Ideation Blog

Frequently asked question: are the newsletters and blog posts identical? Thematically, yes.

The newsletters are written near-daily and published on the same day – so they are a little rougher and less polished than the blog posts, which undergo another round of editing.

The newsletters are also a little different in that they sometimes contain links to tools, templates, and other resources which are then removed from the blog posts. Partly that’s to incentivize subscriptions but it’s also creating a community feeling.

For an idea of what the newsletters are like, view the blog archive.

The Creative Ideation in Marketing Podcast

This podcast is closely tied to the Art of Ideation newsletter articles, but more extemporaneous. In other words, I go off script and add new ideas and perspectives. Usually, things that occur to me after I’ve had a day to reflect since I typically record the podcasts the day after I write the newsletters.

For now, I am only publishing a pilot episode, based on this post I wrote, my first since (maybe) recovering from the coronavirus – or maybe just a bad flu.

I have recorded some more but they are even more poorly produced than this one. But if you want to get notified when they go live, please send me an email to let me know you’re interested