Tools & Resources

I’ve created these tools to help my business and my clients. I am happy to share them with you.

Newsletter By far the most helpful resource I provide is my newsletter, The Art of Ideation in Marketing and Business Strategy. Click here to see recent posts and signup!

Pricing Tool Consulting Product Pricing Calculator. This simple calculator lets you determine the ideal price range for your productized services package. It’s for freelancers and consultants who have packaged custom services into a product and want to know how much to charge for it.

Position Paper The Authoritative Definition of Digital Strategy (En español). This is a meditation not just on digital strategy but on any strategy. It’s the foundation of my consulting practice.

Ideation Field Manual A Technique for Getting Ideas for Growth. I believe in doubling down on our creative power and competing on ideas. Because we can’t compete on 800-million-dollar-clubs.

PDF Guide How to Respond to Any Business Email (PDF). Have you ever been paralyzed with indecision.. or with something? Something that prevents you from responding to a crucial business email in a timely and effective manner? I made this to help you.

Worksheet Tagline Ideation Worksheet (Google Slides). Nailing the tagline is the most important positioning and messaging exercise. This worksheet uses the worst possible and best possible ideation approach.

Template Growth Marketing Creative Brief. Creative briefs are not project management tools; they are ideation tools. Take this template and customize it to help get revenue and impact growth ideas for your internal or client-facing projects.

Advice Doc Digital Consulting and Teletherapy Equipment & Advice. Physician, trick thy office out. This is technical and logistical advice (with Amazon links and everything) to setting up your desk and office so that you can provide as much value as possible as a remote consulting convening on video chat.