Redesign State of Mind

Websites are the most valuable business asset for 80% of businesses. You should always be redesigning your website.

In these pandemic days of 90-degree weather, I hear the splashing of the kiddie pools and of a real pool among the adjacent dwellings. It’s amazing how much joy water brings.

But a pool becomes an inhospitable swamp if not tended to. And evaporates entirely if not filled.

It is the same with a website – it must be watered regularly, primarily with your ideas. But with other things too. Your website is your MVP asset, partly because you get to own it forever. It’s the digital extension of property rights.

Also because it’s the swiss army knife of your business model. Need an ROI calculator? Need to publish a podcast? Need to issue refunds digitally? Need to publish your own business dictionary? Have a website.

Not owning a website is a non-viable business practice. Now more than ever in the post-pandemic era.

From my perspective, helping people create websites professionally for about 22 years now, this all seems beyond obvious. Owning a website has been table stakes for at least a decade now. It’s more than just a marketing asset.

But how do you own a website?

I hear things like, “this is the last time I’ll ever redesign my website.” In fact, I heard those words verbatim from a client the other day.

I empathize with the frustrating complexity of producing a high-value website; they never match up to ones that huge brands spend 100s of millions of dollars per year on.

But you can’t just set it and forget it; it doesn’t work like that.

It works like a pool; it has to be maintained – forever. 

Website redesign isn’t a thing you do; it’s not a project. It’s a state of mind and a business practice you embrace as an entrepreuner.

My best,