A change-averse sliver of the global population owns 3/4 of the world’s annual GDP. It controls financial, educational & governmental institutions, and steers the private sector’s status quo.

If you lead a lean, digital health business, that’s your challenge.

They want to maintain the status quo – to temper innovation and deliver software, technology, and professional expertise the same way as last year.
And you?
You’re an independent health/wellness enterprise probably leveraging technology, creativity, and – I hope – long-term commitment.

I trust you’re not:
✘ selling simple b2c commodities
✘ focused on implementation instead of impact
✘ local (you have a national audience or bigger)

If you’re still with me, then your marketing and business development – each plan, each message, each piece of content – should burst with new ideas.

But what kind of ideas?

If you can find your strategy on Google, your audience has seen it before. And it doesn’t fit you.

My goal is to help you profit from original marketing and BizDev ideas – through  long-term agile marketing ideation.

Why agile? 

Because your one big idea isn’t enough. Especially not against the Fortune 5000.

You need to create 1000’s of little ideas to make new things, grow profit, and to transform your business into a better version of itself. 

I’ve learned how to do this using an agile marketing ideation approach – and I’m still learning. I practice it, study it, and write about it every single day.

What is Long-term Agile Marketing Ideation?

Long-term – 7+ years (longer than the Gartner Hype Cycle)
– allocation of effort into small tasks to allow for changes in plans
Marketing – building trust and clarity by listening, teaching, and guiding
Ideation – merging things (facts, feelings, thoughts) to summon new ideas

My approach consists of focusing on crucial problems and also trivial ones. By assiduous, structured, and unusually broad research. By finding patterns. And by using your full brain, including the subconscious mind. And there’s more.

This is not traditional brainstorming/brain-swarming.

Nor is it the “idea box” that sits in the office space. That’s “Idea Management” software. My concern is creating valuable ideas not managing them.

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Some kind words from those I’ve worked with

“A very sharp, well-rounded, well-read, and personable professional. Most marketers want to give you prefab solutions but Rowan sees the bigger picture and is thoughtful to your concerns. Very intriguing insights were offered. A consummate professional.”
– Paul J., Owner of a Software-as-a-Service platform

“Rowan’s done an excellent job helping our agency with positioning and lead generation. Working with him will deepen your understanding of your business and strengthen your strategy.”
– Teresa S., Co-owner of a Digital Marketing Consultancy

“Rowan has exceptional understanding and knowledge of the B2B marketing and advertising space”
Bryan H., Owner of a Digital Sales Enablement Company, Miami, Florida

About Rowan

Hi! I help technology experts and entrepreneurs grow by injecting better ideas into their sales and marketing… I also write a daily newsletter on ideation, conduct revenue research, and more.

The past: I did UX at an enormous digital agency in New York, freelance banana harvesting in Hawaii, solutions consulting at an enterprise SaaS firm in California, and grew a US-based data, dev, and web agency – from Spain.

 But that’s the past – my now page explains what I’m up to at present.


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