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“Rowan is a master of content strategy — he designed a perfect editorial calendar for our team.”

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“Great at training and tries to teach whatever he knows. He turned our team into SEO content writers.”

  • Global Digital Commerce for Tiffany & Co.

    Global Digital Commerce for Tiffany & Co.

    I was fortunate enough to help build a global digital commerce solution for Tiffany & Co. as a Design Engineer at Oven Digital. Long before their suburban brick-and-mortar strategy put a retail outlet in every upscale mall in America, Tiffany & Co.’s web presence provided the only way for a huge customer base to learn about and purchase its jewelry.

    The project was enormously successful from day one. As a result, its aesthetic qualities and content strategy have remained unchanged. It was the first enterprise website to combine a minimalist UI with large, top-line photography. And thanks to its photography, it was a pioneer in email-based spread-the-word marketing. has been the benchmark throughout my career for superior digital content, content strategy, and user experience. 

  • Digital Fundraising and Engagement Strategy - PetSmart

    A Digital Marketing Platform for PetSmart Charities

    PetSmart Charities is the nonprofit arm of PetSmart Inc. and has a tremendous impact on pet welfare in North America. It sponsors animal welfare programs and is major grantmaker to thousands of animal welfare organizations.

    Our teams worked together with PetSmart Charities to revitalize its online presence with an enterprise web and social media content strategy powered by Drupal. We integrated the new web presence with Luminate CRM e-commerce and email marketing tools, with outstanding results.

    While I led PetSmart’s digital rejuvenation, 11,000 new marketing leads were created − along with a 70% increase in traffic.

  • Digital Engagement Strategy for University of Chicago

    Digital Engagement Strategy for University of Chicago

    The opportunities presented by a multi-generational, evergreen alumni base are mindbogglingly complex. Especially when most alumni contact records have never existed in digital form. By leveraging digital engagement technology and strategy, the University of Chicago saw an opportunity. It could boost alumni participation, improve the value of the network, and streamline fundraising and membership revenue. 

    A custom, private social alumni portal that did all those things. It even let former students “self-service” verify themselves online with a social security number or a decades-old student ID number. Solutions like that contributed to the evolution of the university’s most powerful revenue stream and let former students continue to get value out of their alma mater.

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About Rowan

Rowan is a digital lead generation expert with an international client base of privately-held B2B agencies, consultancies, and startups selling into the US market. He conducts radically deep research to provide positioning-focused services and advice:

His own digital agency background is substantial and includes co-owning a 20-person Drupal and integrated marketing firm. Clients who work with Rowan enjoy access to a network of designers, data scientists, writers, and developers.

Over his career, Rowan has contributed to over 200 digital marketing and engagement initiatives for clients ranging from the United Nations to Tiffany & Co. and the Smithsonian Institute.

In his personal life, Rowan loves dogs and rants about things like conversion rates and metrics.

p.s. he’s on a first-name basis with a great conversion-focused digital copywriter (if you want your website to actually DO something).