A tiny, change-averse sliver of the global population owns 75% of the world’s annual GDP. It controls financial, educational & governmental institutions, and steers the private sector’s status quo.

If you lead a lean, digital business, that’s your challenge. And your opportunity.

They want to maintain the status quo – to crush innovation and deliver the same old type of software, technology, and professional “best practices”. 

And you?

You’re an independent business leveraging technology, creative problem-solving, and expertise.

You’re not:

  1. Selling one-off, consumer products
  2. Focused on money at the exclusion of everything else
  3. A local-market business (you have a national or international audience)

If that’s you, then your marketing and business development – each plan, each message, each piece of content – should burst with new ideas.

But what kind of ideas? Clear, unique, and memorable ideas.

If you can find your strategy on Google, your audience has seen it before. And it doesn’t fit you.

My practice as a brand and marketing strategy consultant helps you profit from original ideas about your product, your brand, and your business. I want you to understand what your value is so clearly that you can explain it to a 10-yr old child – no matter how complex your solution.

Some kind words from those I’ve worked with

exceptional understanding and knowledge of the B2B marketing and advertising space
“At first we thought we were just hiring a copywriter. But Rowan offers a very unique approach to copywriting that I have not come across. First and foremost, he has exceptional understanding and knowledge of the B2B marketing and advertising space. Rowan looks at the big picture and put together not only copywriting work but also suggestions on how to design the pages and where to place certain elements that will work with the audience and help in converting visitors.”
Bryan H., Owner of a Digital Sales Enablement Company, Miami, Florida

“I am wary of working with marketers, but Rowan turned out to be a very sharp, well-rounded, well-read, and personable professional. Most marketers want to give you prefab solutions but Rowan sees the bigger picture and is thoughtful to your concerns. Very intriguing insights were offered. A consummate professional.”
– Paul J., Owner of a Software-as-a-Service platform

About Rowan

Hi! I help technology experts and entrepreneurs grow by injecting better ideas into their sales and marketing. To get my clients from A to B, I help them find, hire, and train UX design, web production, copywriting, and content marketing talent… I also write a newsletter on ideation, conduct revenue research, and more.

The past: I did UX at an enormous digital agency in New York, freelance banana harvesting in Hawaii, solutions consulting at an enterprise SaaS firm in California, and grew a US-based data and technology consultancy, from Spain.