Art Marketing

Most “artists statements” are absolute garbage. They are no more artful than a dumpster fire. If you’re an artist, please read this article before you cause more cringe

Is your art itself not content? Would you delegate the creation of the art, like the old Masters did, and Jeff Koons does now?

Maybe so, but you would set the strategic direction, and decide when the work is finished, otherwise the whole thing is a sham.

So, yes, you can delegate it but not to just anyone. You can only delegate to someone who knows, or can come to know, your audience as well as you know them. And you have to set the strategic direction for your content, or work with someone who can help you do that.

And even then, there are certain content creation responsibilities you should never delegate. The Artist’s Statement, for example. I’m assuming your talking about less sensitive written content, like blog posts or press releases, for inbound marketing. Not sure I’d advise that for you; it depends.