Business at first sight

When is first sight? It’s your HOMEPAGE, of course. Here’s how to use to make a good first impression

When does “at first sight” happen in business? Sometimes it happens we “do” outbound lead generation. Sometimes it happens naturally in the context of inbound marketing.

But there’s lead generation and there’s lead generation.

In fact, there are dozens of methods of lead generation for thousands of business models.

I don’t know about all of them. I can’t even list them all for you.

But what I can tell you that lead generation is should match:

  • your audience
  • the problem solved you specialize in solving
  • how you deliver that problem (coaching, long-term consulting, monthly campaigns, teaching & training, etc.)

What do you convey about these subjects on first sight?

If you consult for a living, we have something common.

I co-owned and helped grow from scratch a 23-person boutique consulting firm for 8 years, specializing in data-related expertise to the higher education and charity verticals. Data-science, CRM implementation, Business Intelligence. Data integration between websites, CRM, and other marketing assets. We did well, too, but could have done so much better.

The list of thing I wish I knew when I started that business is longer than  Here’s one thing: development begins at very first sight. In the digital context, of course.

Let’s unpackage “first sight”; more often that we realize, it consists of one of two things:

  • The homepage of your website, above the fold
  • The appearance of your brand, and a half dozen other key factors, on page one of Google

Google your business name. What kind of business are you in, at first sight?