Are You In the Words Business?

Everything we make, do, and sell is made of words – so what’s your writing practice.

To a large extent, you’re made of words.

The last two posts were about copywriting – one more note on the subject: your product consists of words, so don’t think copywriting is just for promotion and advertising.

Words aren’t just crucial for your productized services, either, but your productized application design and logic (ie your software). The words comprising an app aren’t the “skin”, they are the product. Words are also the primary component of application logic (software languages rely on words).

The most expensive – and lucrative – web application in history runs on copywriting. (Facebook). If professionals didn’t craft Facebook’s copy, shareholders would lose money. I know, you may scorn Facebook – but it could be a lot worse.

Why don’t you just hire a copywriter? 

Well, you should probably hire a copywriter from time to time. But you should write for yourself. But the more adept you are at writing copy:

  • the more value you get out of hiring a professional
  • the better you’ll understand what you think/believe

I’m pretty sure that every owner of a nice B2B business must become a competent copywriter. Not level Ben Settles-level but good enough to write three things:

  • Your bio on your business website
  • Your LinkedIn bio
  • Your pivotal home page copy

Take action. The good news is you already have all three in place, so you don’t have to start from scratch – you just have to edit. Your minimum viable product here is the three core elements of your LinkedIn

  • Your title
  • Your description
  • Your bio

Hire a copywriter to get you to version 1 if you don’t feel confident, but thereafter, revise it yourself several times a week. Revise, let it sit a few days, repeat. Eventually, you’ll graduate to once-per quarter revisions. For how long? Permanently.

My best