Why Do You Read a Book?

Go beyond content marketing

Someone just asked me:

Why do you pick up a book? And why do you reach for that book in particular? What are books for?

I pick them up:

  • to be entertained
  • learn about people
  • to learn about places or history
  • to learn about business
  • to get lost in a story
  • to pass the time
  • to get an edge
  • to learn about the author

You might have similar motivations?

What if we could provide our ideal clients with entertainment, insight into people, insight into business, engaging stories, some advantage or headstart in their business, and let them know something about ourselves, the business owners?

This is the only way you control to create trust outside of the constraints of a 1-to-1 relationship. Trust is a lot more expensive to create than website traffic, but like anything rare, it’s valuable and worth the cost.

That cost is your discipline, time, and emotional labor. 

And yes, you promote the content you create. Don’t rely on the uneven landscape of social media and your personal and professional connections. Use advertising, SEO, and outreach marketing to prime the pump.

But first, you have to do make something. If it’s scary and a massive pain in the ass, you might be on the right track.

The good news is that you don’t have to write a book – you just have to write.

Have a lovely week ahead,