I help digital health, MedTech, and other entrepreneurs and consultants grow by injecting better ideas into their sales and marketing… I also write a daily newsletter on ideation, conduct revenue research, and more.


This is the big picture for me. A change-averse sliver of the global population owns 3/4 of the world’s annual GDP. It controls financial, educational & governmental institutions, and steers the private sector’s status quo.

If you lead a lean, digital health business, that’s your challenge. If you own any kind of a knowledge business that leverages tech and innovation, then it’s your challenge. It’s my challenge, too.

They (The Global Fortune 5000 that want to monopolize their stranglehold on global income) want to maintain the status quo. So they temper innovation. Instead, they deliver software, technology, and professional expertise the same way as they always have.

There’s a huge opportunity to undermine that dynamic and deliver value for ourselves and others with technical innovation.

My vision is that tech innovation spreads according to its merits – not according to how much money is invested in it. 

My mission is to use creative, original marketing to help my fellow outsiders do better in business.

The Story

This is a company of one but I believe that a company of one is a group. This is why “Rowan Price Consulting’ became ‘Rowan Price Strategy Group’.

The past: I started out doing UX and web development at an enormous digital agency in New York, freelance banana harvesting in Hawaii, solutions consulting at an enterprise SaaS firm in California, and grew a US-based data, dev, and web agency – from Spain.

Along the way, I’ve worked on digital projects for about 700 clients, from a 21-million dollar website for Tiffany & Co. (it was a positive-ROI project too) to hundreds of healthcare orgs, nonprofits, SaaS/software companies, and consultancies/agencies.

That’s the resume, at least. There are a view more details on LinkedIn.

Here’s the real story: I’m an autodidact and polymath, but I believe in the power of words to connect people and transform them in some small way for the better – I call that messaging.

I also believe in the Web Equity business model, where transformational change is marketed, sold and delivered through the net. Both teletherapy and teleconsulting moved the needle for me – changed my life for the better.

No matter how we package and deliver what we sell – from high-touch consulting to self-service software, understanding how to do business on the web is the future for me and people I am here to help.

My Team

If you have ever read the Company of One, you know a lot about my team. And you’ll know that it’s not just me. I have a professional relationship with a team of 7 assistants who help with bookkeeping, editing, podcast production, administrative work, web design and development, and project management. 

I also have several key, trusted advisors and collaborators:

Chris Hansen, Entrepreneur and Owner of You Don’t Need a CMO

John Robert, Engineer-Philosopher and Owner of 3rd Coast Consulting

Farzad Ersahni, Entrepreneur, Healthcare researcher, and Owner of Innsightful


Administrative Assistant. I’m looking for a US-based Administrative Assistant who understands my business and is willing to help my frazzled mind succeed on a limited, 20-hr per week basis. You can be located anywhere and must be comfortable with video conference calls, a hard to predict workflow, and chaos. You will learn an enormous amount about digital marketing, consulting, software, digital health, copywriting, digital advertising, content marketing, and business development. Feel free to take this knowledge and go ply your trade when you are ready. If this sounds interesting, please let me know!

Are you interested in joining this team in some other way? Surprise me.

Drop me a line or schedule a call – I’d love to hear from you.


On my Now page, I point out that I’m not open to partnerships, but let me put a finer spin on that here. I’m always open to informal partnerships based on common interests. I am not open to formal partnerships, commission arrangements, cross-promotional deals, etc. If you want me to sign a contract of any kind, I’m not interested at all.

I’m more interested in partnerships with consultants and entrepreneurs on a similar trajectory to my own. If that makes any sense and you’re interested, reach out!