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The following information is provided as a cut-and-paste resource for conference organizers, media professionals, podcast hosts, and other interested parties.

Please feel free to use anything here as-is without checking with me first. Any further questions, just email.

I would probably like to be on your podcast

I’ve recorded several podcast episodes both as a guest and a host, and I can bring that experience to your show.

As a would-be podcast host, I know how hard it is to produce a great podcast, so I want to be the perfect guest.

  1. I use professional gear
  2. I show up on time
  3. I do careful advance research on your show, your business, and your audience

I want to understand how my experience can be of value to your listeners.

Please email your pitch to and we’ll set up a date.

Short Bio

Rowan Price is a technology and marketing expert on the role of ideation in creating and marketing expertise-based solutions. He publishes the daily newsletter, the Art of Ideation, conducts ongoing ideation marketing research, and is the author a free course on agile marketing ideation. You can learn more at

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Questions to Ask Rowan

Why is ideation important to me and my listeners? How can it help?

What do you mean by marketing ideation – how is that different from other kinds of ideation?

What is ideation? How is it different from just thinking about stuff to get ideas?

Isn’t brainstorming ideation?

Recent press 

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What others have said

“A very sharp, well-rounded, well-read, and personable professional. Most marketing consultants want to give you prefab ideas but Rowan sees the bigger picture and is thoughtful to your concerns. Very intriguing and entirely original insights were offered. A consummate professional.”
– John Robert, owner 3rd Coast Consulting

Sample opinion piece

The Definition of Digital Marketing Strategy

Other information

  • See my now page: Derek Sivers’style “Now” page detailing all present activities inside and outside work
  • Nonprofit and community-service involvement: Communications advisor, the National Dialogue of South Sudan (NDSS). The NDSS is a UN-sponsored peace process in the world’s youngest country, South Sudan (founded in 2011). NDSS uses a multi-disciplinary, engagement-oriented 
  • Upcoming event/conference schedule
    • Speaking at No CMO conference, New York City, March 2020
    • Speaking at Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal, Nov. 2020 (unconfirmed)
  • Industry data:
    • There are 130,000 tech firms (SaaS, custom software, or tech consultancies) in the United States and Canada.
    • 60% of these firms qualify as startups
    • There are approximately 80,000 in the European Union
    • There are approximately 7,000 “SaaS-first Consulting” (SFC’s”) firm in the United States and Canada
  • Missions, goals and objectives, in brief: Using marketing ideation to give owners of SFC firms the full use of their brain to grow revenue (Click here for a longer version)
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