If you’re an independent, expertise-driven tech or creative business, I can help you get clear on your unique value

The Brand Messaging Map

from $3,000 

You Are Different

Get clear on the brand identity of your business vs that of your product(s) – nail down your positioning and the unique value proposition of your business model. Get the brand messaging you need to be remembered by your best possible customers as different, valuable, and worth talking to. See more details 

Fractional CMO Retainer

from $500/month

Fractional CMO as a Service

Guidance on product, marketing and business development from a technology and digital marketing expert with over 22 years of experience. Expertise includes brand messaging, pricing, productization of services, creative direction, and marketing strategy and oversight. See more details and options 


PS, are you just starting out as an independent consultant – or thinking about it? I’ve been doing this for 13 years and maybe I can help.

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